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Twisted Summer by Willo Davis Roberts

Twisted Summer by Willo Davis Robers

I'ts going to be, Cici thinks, a special summer. She is fourteen, going on fifteen- old enough, she's sure, to be one of the 'big kids' at Crystal Lake where she and her family almost always spend the summer. Maybe this year Jack, two years older than shee, will see her as more than a child.
   But Crystal Lake is not the same. Cici's family was not at the lake the year before and they havn't been told that there was a murder- a young girl-and that Jack's older brother, Brody, has been accused, convicted, and sent to jail. Cici cannot believe that Brody would do such a thing. Neither can Jack, his mother, and some of the other summer residents. So Cici tries to discover what happened.
   Cici's summer is further complicated by the illness of her grandmother, Molly, with whom not only Cici's family but her two aunts and their families stay. The large "cottage" where they are all house belongs to the Judge, Molly's second husband and a real grandfather to Cici, her sister, and their cousins. It is Molly's illness that helps Cici make some surprising discoveries about the Judge, discoveries which may or may not have any bearing on the murder. It only becomes apparent that they do when Cici finds she will be in mortal danger if she continues her search for answers to the mystery of the summer before.

I basically didn't like this book. It seemed like it should have been a children's book. It stated the obvious a lot, like at one point it actually said 'I know Zoe is dead, but I don't know why' or something like that. Well no freakin' duh, that's what the whole book is about!! Then the ending was just lame and predictable, except for the fact that Cici and Jack didn't get together.
All in all, it sucked, don't read it.

156 pages
June 14- 17

Next up- Grand & Humble by Brent Hartinger (suggested by Sue, so it better be good ;))
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